The correct way of entering your property is to:


  • Ensure you’re not being followed.

  • If you think you’re being followed – carry on driving, making a couple of detours an take note of the vehicle you suspect of following you – Then call it in on your radio if the vehicle is still following you. If you pull off you again become an easy target – They will likely park in front of you and jump out possibly with weapons which put you and those with you at risk….

  • Parallel park in front of your property and only open the gate once the area is clear from other vehicles, including loiterers. Then reverse into your property once the gate is open, so you can see what is going on.

  • If you don’t have a gate motor on your gate – Phone for someone on the property to open for you, else parallel park in front of your property and then switch the vehicle off and lock it as you open the gate……. Again reverse into the property.

  • Keep your car locked as you reverse into your property. Only unlock and get out once you are inside and the gate has closed.

  • If you have beams or considering getting some – Best place to position them is far enough from the gate (if possible) so you can reverse in with the beams still activated. Once the gate is closed, deactivate your perimeter beams and then drive till behind them or into your garage before activating them again. Only then do you unlock your vehicle and get out. If your garage is attached to the house – first close the garage door before unlocking and getting out. The idea is to have multiple safety barriers before you get to your house – These can also serve as early warning systems if intruders enter your property…..

  • Above all be observant and pray for safety for you and your family.

  • Radio always on and charged and with you.


Contributed by:

Hannes Lategan