The results are out here is the new DNW committee:

📌 Chairperson: Hannes Lategan

📌 Vice Chairperson: Dick Prinsen

📌 Treasurer: John Comrie

📌 Legal & Compliance Officer: Isa Vorster

📌 Secretary: Petro Jansen. Assistant: Kelly McCullough

📌 Marketing and Communications Officer: Jessica Viljoen. Assistant: Kelly McCullough

📌 Operations Coordinator – Patrollers: Mark Badenhorst. Assistant: Dirk Oosthuizen

📌 Operations Coordinator – Coordinators: Stefan van den Berg. Assistant: Rina de Meyer

📌 Operations Coordinator – Crime Intelligence: Mariska Lubbe

📌 Operations Coordinator – Crime Scene Investigations: Chris Angles. Assistant: Dirk Oosthuizen

📌 Operations Coordinator – Training: Dick Prinsen. Assistant: Walter Leibbrandt

Congratulations all.