Be aware that last Thursday at around 19:00 a corrosive liquid was thrown over a Jack Russell in Caledon Street.

This particular Jack Russell is the eyes and ears of the street and will bark at any movement in the street.

It is suspected that the liquid was used to either:

  1. Discourage the dog from patrolling the property front boundary fence.
  2. Poison the dog with the hope that they lick the substance as soon as their skin burns thereby poisoning the dog.

The vet that treated the dog suspects the substance may have been fiberglass resin which immediately burns the skin, sets

like glue and causes the hair to fall out after three days. According to the vet, they have seen similar cases in Roodepoort.

Please advise if any residents have experienced similar cases recently to their pets.

Of importance is to protect your pets from experiencing this trauma the most suitable way you deem fit.

To verify the content of this message or to provide/share information please do not hesitate to email crime@doringkloof.net or contact the DNW.



This past week we had that massive power outage, something that the whole of Doringkloof experienced.  This was, as we soon discovered, due to cable theft, both inside Doringkloof as well as opposite the Lupin St entrance to Doringkloof.

We again appeal to all our residents to please be suspicious if you experience a power outage, especially if this is any time after 23:00 or even during a severe storm if earlier.  Your first action should be to grab your radio, go to a window that looks out onto the street and see whether any cable is hanging down.  If you suspect that the cable has been cut outside your property, call in immediately “Cable Theft” and your street address.  By doing this we have a head start in catching the suspects and thus deter future cable thefts.    (If you cannot detect any cable theft, the check whether the rest of the street is without power.  If so, take you time and call it in or if you want to Whatsapp it.  If it is only you, then naturally check your fuse box for a tripped switch),

As an aside, if we have a Doringkloof-wide power outage, please conserve the battery of your radio.  Do not make any unnecessary radio calls – you might end up with a flat battery, precisely at that critical moment when you discover criminals breaking into your house; or worse still, you may have depleted someone else battery by consistently calling on your radio to find out why you have no power and they cannot then call for help should they need our support urgently.

We also had a theft out of a vehicle during the week, this time outside the Sonja St Café.  We fully understand the hassle it is to get out, to unlock the boot and to put our valuables there, out of sight.  Especially if we are just popping in for a second and will be able to almost see the car from inside the shop.  Thieves as practised criminals and it takes just a few seconds for them to gain access and remove you trusty laptop with all your financial details on it. For a long time we had very few of this kind of crime but our records show that there is again an increase in theft out of vehicles.  Please take care. Do not become a victim!

DNW Team