I just really want to thank all involved in the assistance the neighbour watch gave us yesterday.

I really thank you, as my daughter was alone at home and really appreciated knowing somebody will assist



At 14h15 she was sitting in the TV room.  She notices 2 BM looking through the window in the back of the property.  They made eye contact with her and realized she is in the house.

She pressed the panic button, the alarm went off and the 2 BM walked casually away, jumping the wall to Koranna 87 and then over the fence.  They then walked past our house, Koranna 89, got in their vehicle parked at Koranna 91 and drove off.

The garden man at the church noticed it was a brown car.

We do not know how they got into the property as the gate is intact, must have jumped the fence.

My daughter called it in on the radio and there was immediate assistance.  There were even gentlemen at our house before Copwatch.

Please thank all involved, I appreciate it really. Thank you for helping me to keep my children safe.

Kind regards

Ilsje Fraser