In total there were about 50 adults and 20 kids, so it was quite a good turnout. It was very good to see so many people meeting and greeting and getting to know each other. As Dick pointed out, there were even people who have stayed close to each other for 30+ years and have never met, until today. One of the older gentlemen was also extremely glad to see such a bunch of young kids running around in the park again for the first time in many years.

Hopefully this inspires the rest of Doringkloof to get involved with their street groups and street braais.

A big thank you to Dick and Raquel as part of the Communication Portfolio, as well as to Marie and Sam for help with organizing the braai. 

Ryan Raath


Figure 1 : Enjoying the winter sun at Jansen Park

Maluti Street Braai

Dirkie also organized a street braai for Maluti Street at Marcus' house, which was also a huge success.

We had a good turnout, perhaps 30-35 adults, some more teens and many children (we couldn’t really count..they were racing about &  jumping on the trampoline).

It was very nice to meet some residents who had been living here 40 years, and others who had only just moved in. Everyone who attended seem to be so glad at the occasion.

The residents who came were given a short talk on why it was so important to know your neighbours, use a radio to keep informed of events, and get information from the Doringkloof website (

Members of DIV (Gerhard, Graham & Raquel) popped in to meet the people and support the event. Their presence was much appreciated.

At one point, Graham did a short radio demo to some residents. We were later surprised to see how many photos Graham was in, seeing as he was running between two parties…  maybe we should nickname him “The Flash” J.

Our visitors left as the sun went. The next day I recognised some of our new friends at DK Mall, and thought.. hey! they live just round the corner… Nice.

I would like to thank Dirkie (our street captain) for organising this event, and to all those who brought extras and helped on the day.

Marcus Dekenah


Figure 2 Maluti Street meet the neighbours.