Herewith the Clean-up report of Saturday 9th July 2016. Please click HERE to view it.

Thank you to all who came to help in the clean-up. It has been an interesting exercise. We used our Whats-app Street Groups and various other whats-app groups to try to get more participation.
GUESS WHAT? No change. Nada, Zip Zero Zilch! The same old same old faithfuls turned up. Smiling NOGAL!
(They say they are scared of me……haha!)

No SERIOUSLY… There are some who are morning people and some who are night owls.

Can I put a question to you all?
Would you come and help pick up litter in the spruit at

1)  8:00 or

2) 16:00


Please let me know? Morning or afternoon? Maybe we can do an afternoon group as well. (

BECAUSE we don't always get to do everywhere in the morning and if there was an afternoon group it WOULD BE SO NICE to say "You know what we couldn't get to Zambesi / Sonja (wherever) and it is filthy. Won't you just start there and move towards…"

I await your reply! (XX)