The Doringkloof Residents Association is holding its Annual General Meeting on 10 April 2014 in the NG Kerk hall starting at 19:00 and hopefully finishing at 20:00.

This is a most important meeting as we need to discuss important issues facing the community as well as the election of new members to the DRA committee, those that will guide the DRA for the next year.



The Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch (DNW) has since its inception followed a three step crime prevention plan.  This plan has not changed and involves every member; as seen below:

Step 1 involves residents taking responsibility for their own security. This can include fencing the property, installing outside lights, installing proper locks, installing an alarm system and/or detection beams and having suitable dogs. 

Step 2 is where immediate neighbours support each other. Here neighbours initially contact each other, exchange contact details, etc. Thereafter, if a crime is suspected, neighbours are expected to come to the immediate support of each other. This level will often involve checking each other’s properties, or helping to search the road outside for potential criminals/suspicious persons or vehicles.

Step 3 is where members of the DNW come to the aid of any resident who reports an actual crime-in-progress. At this point, the coordinator will get involved; calling on other residents to assist, i.e. setting up a perimeter, where after an on-site coordinator takes over running the show.

In support of this approach, the following pro-active actions are taken:

Monitoring and recording the movement of suspicious characters and vehicles. This allows residents to be made aware of any potential crime that may affect them and it sends out a message to possible criminals that the residents are aware of them. It is important for residents to play their part by clearing their streets when a suspicious vehicle or person is reported.

Patrolling. One of the most effective means of preventing crime is to create a visible presence on the ground.  This is done by Mass Visible Patrols. Participate whenever a patrol is called.   Residents can also conduct Individual Patrols. This is up to each resident, just call the coordinator before departing.  Another way to do a patrol is the so-called Garden Patrols.  Garden patrols refer to DNW members who observe and report from their garden gates whenever an organised patrol takes place or when they hear reports of suspicious persons or vehicles in their area.