Mass Community Patrol on 10 November 2016


A mass community patrol, which is a component of our Festive Season Safety Plan, has been arranged for Thursday, 10 November 2016, from 17h00 to 19h00, and all our residents are invited to participate on a voluntary basis. The target for this exercise is participation by at least 50 residents.


The primary objectives of the patrol are

a)       to let any criminal elements in the suburb know that the Neighbourhood Watch is serious about crime prevention and can respond in large numbers.

b)       to generate crime prevention participation and involvement and

c)       for participants to meet each other and perhaps share information and ideas on how our crime prevention can be improved.



The mass patrol will consist of various types of patrols, ranging from mobile vehicles, bikes, static patrols at intersections, walking patrols and “window patrols” which allow participants to patrol from their homes.


Arrangements :

  1. Radio transmissions via channel 1 only. Keep radio transmissions focussed on the patrols and crime prevention matters.
  2. A co-ordinating position will be established on the Glover Street side of the Sonja Street Center, and it will be called “Patrol JOC”.
  3. The call sign Patrol JOC must be used when communicating with the patrol co-ordinators.
  4. Join the patrol at any time, for whatever amount of time you can spare – there is no minimum or maximum period for participation. Just call the Patrol JOC, say who you are and the period during which you will be patrolling, and also when standing down.
  5. Magnetic signage for patrol vehicles will be available at the Patrol JOC on a loan basis and for sale at R100 per set.
  6. Reflective vests (if available) should be worn by all participants.
  7. Try to have a notebook and pen available. These are useful for noting whatever does not need to be transmitted via radio and which can be provided to the co-ordinators at the JOC.
  8. A de-briefing will be held at the JOC at 19h00. Attendance is not compulsory.
  9. All persons to whom bulletproof vests have been provided by the DRA must bring the vests to the Patrol JOC for inspection purposes.
  10. Co-ordinators who are not on duty but are available to assist, should be on stand-by.
  11. Static patrollers at the main intersections will be rotated every 30 mins or so.
  12. Residents who have any crime-related concerns are welcome to visit the JOC to discuss their concerns with the Crime Prevention Team.
  13. The full residents database will be available at the JOC – residents are welcome to come and verify their contact details (especially if going on holiday soon). 

Looking forward to a great response.



Crime Prevention Team