The DNW has received information from neighbouring suburbs that over a short space of time they have had a spate of intruders/thieves during the period 22h00 till 04h00.  It appears as if the criminals are opportunistic, jumping over walls and then searching for open windows or doors so as to gain access to the house. Others break into vehicles parked in the yard.   In some cases items were removed through an open window without actually entering the house.  Items stolen are invariably laptops or cell phones.


Some time ago Doringkloof was plagued by this type of crime.  However, by members of the DNW physically reacting to reports of intruders, we were able to stop this type of crime.


We appeal to residents not to ignore unusual noises at night. A sudden thump as the intruder lands on the ground could be strong indication.   Barking dogs are a giveaway that someone may be around, as well as hadedas calling at night.  When checking, do not turn on the lights inside the house, but turn on the outside lights, if not already on.  (If your neighbours alarm goes off, this might be the time to put on your outside lights, check your garden from the house and then go out to check your neighbour’s property over your wall.)


Once you have checked and have positive proof of an intruder – call on the radio.  Neighbours can then assist by checking their property as well as glancing over the wall into your property.


Meanwhile, we advise residents to close all windows in rooms not used at night, and to make sure the doors are locked after sundown.   Switch on your outside beams once you will not go out again.