The President announced the country will be in lockdown for 21 days, from Thursday 26 March 2020, 23:59 to 16 April 2020 midnight.

We can confirm that an official announcement will be made shortly by either the President’s office or the Minister of Police. This address should give us clear directives for the lockdown period.


We are in good communication with all the essential services and can assure you of the services of the Police Service, Security Companies and Medical Services.

Let’s all remain calm and wait for the official lockdown directives.

Please feel free to contact the EXCO (which includes all Chairpersons of Neighbourhood Watches) with queries. We remain …
[18:46, 3/25/2020] Jessica Viljoen DIV: 📢 Government Lockdown Regulations

Dear Residents,
Here follow government lockdown regulations.
As far as the DRA is aware, this is a legitimate document.

[08:41, 3/26/2020] Jessica Viljoen DIV: 📢 * DNW During Lockdown Period*

• A lockdown is applicable to all in Doringkloof, no voluntary patrollers allowed on the roads

• Only those approved with official authorisation and permission can move around.

• Short quick trips for necessary food and medicines is allowed. Info regarding ordering online or via WhatsApp deliveries will be communicated.

• When you observe any crime-related incidents, or suspicious vehicles/persons – report it on the radio – not on WhatsApp, as the reaction cannot happen in real-time. There will always be a radio coordinator available.

• We call on all residents to avail yourselves for garden/stoep/window patrols during this time, including day and nighttime. Communicate your availability to your Street Captain.

• Response during emergencies and incidents will be coordinated accordingly.

• Be safe… and healthy – look after one another!

Coronavirus hotline for queries: 0800029999

One for all and all for one – strength in unity!

DNW Team