Here is an analysis of the crime that occurred in Doringkloof over the last two months.
Over the last 8 and half weeks, we in Doringkloof have had 25 crime incidents, or 2.9 incidents a week, somewhat way above our target of less than 2 a week.
Looking at the crime itself, it appears as if our most serious crime remains burglaries. Over the last two months we had 13 burglaries (including attempted burglaries) of which seven occurred in the central part of Doringkloof while four occurred in the south western part of Doringkloof, an area that, until recently, had a very low crime rate. The remainder of the burglaries that occurred were scattered throughout the rest of Doringkloof.
Our records also reveal that most burglaries occurred sometime from before midday to and including the early afternoon. Others occurred early in the morning, again possibly earlier but were only discovered once the victims woke up to find that they had been burgled. Looking deeper, what this tells us is that the day-time burglaries are committed by “professional” thieves, i.e. those who go the normal route of selecting their intended target, then recce’ing the property to determine how to enter the house and when would be the best time to do so, until finally the burglars hit the property.
General theft, (such as theft of street-side wall lights, bicycles, muggings, etc.) was also a common occurrence, i.e., theft occurring outside any particular property. To this must be added five gate-motors that were stolen and the two vehicles. If we add the early morning burglaries then most occurred during the graveyard shift. What we can surmise is that these crimes were committed by thieves who come into the suburb during the early morning and as they move around, enter properties to see what they can steal. It might also be possible that they determine their intended target while moving around during the day.
Fridays were favoured as being ‘good days’ for criminals with 9 incidents occurring on that day; while Thursdays came a close second. Tuesdays and Wednesdays came in at joint third. Sundays seemed to be the criminal’s day off, obvious the day to spend their ill-gotten gains as no crime was recorded on this day.
Overall, it looks as if most crime occurred from about 11:00 till about 14:30. Early morning coupled to the graveyard shift period was also a very active time for crime. This seemed to be from anytime around 03:30 till about 06:30
Broadly speaking, if we are to prevent crime we should be especially vigilant during the midday to early afternoon when we can expect burglaries and again from anything around 03:00 to 06:30 when the opportunistic thieves are doing their rounds.
In the next newsletter we will try to make bigger sense of what we are observing and see what strategies we can put forward that residents can buy into to make Doringkloof a safe suburb.
DNW Team