20 August       The outside lights on a property in Sering Ave were stolen during the night and only discovered in the morning.

22 August       At 03:58 the gate lock on a property in Deodar was broken (obviously, with the intention of entering the property illegally) and so triggered the alarm.  The suspects then fled the scene.

25 August       At 15:50 thieves broken into a vehicle parked on the pavement in Palala Ave.  A radio was stolen.  However, the suspects were observed and fled in another vehicle after being confronted by a resident.


A quiet few days, yet criminal activity still took place.

With the downturn in the economy, residents must expect criminal activity to increase as more people are without work and steal to sustain themselves.

On the one hand, there are the so-called professional criminal gangs who commit serious crimes such as hijackings, robberies and house break-ins while the residents are out.  Then there are the casual thieves (the ones who cannot find a job) who commit a petty crime just to stay alive, such as stealing outside lights, beams and the odd thing they can find lying around in your garden.  Yet, both commit criminal offences and we as residents need to take preventative action.

Once more, all residents are asked to play our part by securing our property while at the same time, putting valuable items away at night.  Remember too, parking a vehicle in this day and age on the pavement is inviting someone to take it away.   Easy picking for the criminally inclined attracts more serious criminals.


DNW Team