12 September At 11:39 3 B/M arrived at the corner of Maroela and Glover and started to dig for “fibre cables”.  On being confronted by residents, the suspects said they were working for DFA.  DFA was contacted who promised to send out their site manager.  On arrival, the site manager confirmed that the suspects were not working for DFA.  The suspects then left towards the Café in Glover, stating that they would return with their site manager and documentation. The anti-cable theft unit was then called out and immediately recognized the suspects and arrested them.   Here is a good example of where residents, who had a suspicion that perhaps a crime may be occurring, went out and confronted the suspects.  Just calling a suspicious person in on the radio and expecting “somebody” to go and to check him out does not prevent crime. All of us have a responsibility to support each other and prevent crime.

3  September  The resident of 141 Palm St reported a break-in and a positive sighting of one person fleeing through the window and out the gate at 02:49. Apart from a neighbour, no other residents responded and the suspect was allowed to get away scot-free.   Only a laptop was stolen.    A sad incident!! No DNW  members except the lone neighbour responded.   In the past members of the DNW would have come out in their numbers, cordoned off the area and searched for the suspect.  This was the only way this type of crime can be stopped!

19 September During the early morning it was discovered that an attempted burglary occurred at 93 Mahonie St.  The residents were away at the time.  It would appear as if the burglar got cold feet and left the scene without actually entering the house.

23 September At 17:28 Dirk called in an incident on the corner of Jasper and Tugela Ave.  A white VW Polo had crashed into the palisade fencing.  The incident started earlier when a resident lent his mobile phone to two suspects at the tennis court park who used it to call a Taxify taxi.  After picking the two suspects up, the suspects tried to hijack the vehicle or just rob the driver.   The driver crashed the vehicle into the fence while trying to fight off the suspects.  The suspects then fled the scene but were apprehended by DNW members assisted by two CPSF 2 patrollers near the corner of Bashee and Gamtoos Streets.   Well done to all concerned.  It is great when we see so many DNW members going out to help combat crime.  This is something we should all do whenever a crime occurs.



DNW Team