Looking at the crime scene during January and February 2017, it goes like this:

1.       There were 13 reported burglaries and/or attempted burglaries.  This is one burglary every other week and then two the week in-between.

2.       Of these 13 burglaries, 6 occurred during the morning around 11:00.  Now we are not sure whether this was when the burglary was reported or actually occurred.  What is significant is that it was during the morning.  3 burglaries occurred during the afternoon around 16:00. 

3.       Now when we look at when suspicious persons were reported we see that they were all reported between 09:30 and 11:40.  Now go back to when the majority of burglaries occurred.

4.       So far, we as DNW, have had very little success in preventing burglaries – often only finding out long after the event.

N.B.   Looking at the information given above, it looks as if the scouts, lookouts and/or markers, were actually seen and reported over the radio around the time that the burglaries occurred.  However, the burglaries still did occur, so it says to us, that the scouts were/are unaware that we have reported them and that our actions are therefore basically useless.  If we are going to stop the scouts, we will need to make sure that suspicious persons know that they have been observed, are being followed by residents and their movements checked.  This means going out and making sure they see us and are reporting their movements.

We strongly suggest that if you are aware of a suspicious person in your street, to go out with your radio and politely ask the person whether you can help him as he has been reported on the radio.  He will eventually take the hint that he has been marked as suspicious.

Further to the above; why not volunteer to do a patrol for an hour or so during the critical hours of 09:30 to 11:00 each day.  If you would like to be part of an organised patrol, send an email to



SAPS is too thinly spread to do our patrolling for us – they will however, help where they can!


Lately we have noticed an increase in intruders.  Intruders are people who enter a property illegally.   In the past we got to the point where we almost stamped this crime out completely.   So why is this crime coming back again?  There may be various reasons but if we are to deter this type of criminal we need to act decisively.   Here is what is needed:

1.       Residents need to have their radios handy, charged and be willing to call in any observed intruder.  (Actually, this is why we started using radios in the first place; as all other media was just too slow).

2.       If you should hear or become aware of an unusual noise at night, get up and from a dark house look out into the garden to see whether any person can be seen.  This is important as we have sometimes spent hours looking for an intruder while the noise that triggered the call-out was the neighbour’s cat jumping onto a carport roof.  If you are willing to go out into the garden, take an adult with you and if none is available. Call for back-up.

3.       If you do not see anyone but are convinced that there was someone in your garden, call the coordinator and ask your neighbours to check their gardens.  (This is why it is important that your neighbours have a radio as well and that you are on good speaking terms with them).   Do not waste time waiting for a formal invitation to do so.

4.       The moment the intruder is observe the coordinator is informed who in turn then initiates the action to arrest the intruder, by calling on residents to close the perimeter.  As the residents go to the closest corner to their home, (not to the crime scene) a designated resident will assume the on-site coordinator role and direct operations further.

In the past this worked like a charm and many intruders spend a night or so as a guest of the State.  Let’s not lose this advantage in preventing crime.



Remember to attend the DRA AGM to be held on 30 March at 19h00 in the NG Kerk Doringkloof hall.   

  • We need a strong and committed neighbourhood watch to be successful – be there, volunteer to be part of a success story.
  • By attending you can find out more as to what is going on in Doringkloof.   Check what is happening crime-wise in Doringkloof and how you can help to prevent crime.

See you there!!

DNW Team