At a recent Crime Prevention Committee (CPC) meeting, concern was expressed that whenever a suspicious person or vehicle was called in on the radio, the suspected scouts were totally unaware that they were being tracked and so went about their scouting unconcerned.  It is therefore vitally important that these scouts are made aware that we know about them.   Only then will they go elsewhere.  To make sure that they know we are watching them they must see us watching them with our radios in our hands, either in our gardens or on the street. 

Indeed – we had a case recently where a suspicious vehicle was seen that was later identified as being the one involved in a burglary.   Had we reported this vehicle and followed its progress we could have either prevented a burglary or even caught the thieves.

The Crime Prevention Committee therefore again urges all our residents to take the radio with us when we go out to the mall, to the café or just for a walk.   Doing this adds the eyes on the streets of Doringkloof. 


Residents are asked to exercise radio discipline, especially when an emergency is on the go.  The first rule is to keep the airwaves clear.  Only speak if it is absolutely essential and you are making a positive contribution to solving the problem.  If you do speak, keep you transmission brief and end off with ‘over’ or ‘out’. 


The following visible patrols are planned.  Please make every effort to be part of this crime prevention action.  We would like to see as many residents as possible driving around while those who cannot, to participate by doing a garden patrol.  You do not have to do the full period, but do as much as you can.


  1. Wednesday 9th Septemner 2015 – Meet at New Fatima Cafe (Cnr Glover and Sonja Str) at 10:45 for a briefing.
  2. Sunday 13 September – from 09:00 till mid-afternoon.  What is required is for more people to participate for an hour or so but thus covering a longer period.  Residents who would like to participate are to meet on Saturday at the New Fatima café at 14:00 where a roster for the Sunday patrols will be finalised.
  3. Thursday 17 September – from 17:00 to 19:00.  This will be the same as for the other two patrols.

Please come whether you have the DNW vehicle signage or not.  Remember, we are doing this for our own security.


The Friends of the Doringkloof Spruit (FODS), in conjunction with the DNW are holding a community bring and braai this Saturday, 12 September starting at 12:00.  The bring and braai will take place in the Spruit, between the Glover and Outeniqua Street bridges at the bird hide.  You will have to bring your own meat and side dishes, refreshments, chairs, etc and if you have one, a mobile braai as you will not be able to make a fire on the ground.  (You could perhaps share a braai machine with others).

If you would like to attend please contact Thea via email to, or phone her at 082 575 6291.  Due to the Metro rules regarding drinking in public, you do need to contact Thea to obtain an invite to the event from FODS.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other residents, to put a face the voice over the radio and to form new friends.  

The DNW Team