Looking at the crime over the last month we are still averaging 2 crime incidents a week! This is still above the target of less than 1.5 incidents a week set by the DRA Committee.  The following is a summary of crime that occurred in Doringkloof during May 2016.

1 May 2016: A Yaris was stolen from outside the flats in Aster Avenue.

5 May 2016: A Citi Golf was damaged in Aster Street when thieves tried to break into the vehicle.

11 May 2016: A Toyota Tazz was stolen in Kiaat Street

19 May 2016: Six lights were removed from the outside of a property in Sonja Street during the early hours of the morning.

 21 May 2016: A pedestrian was robbed by two other men.  One suspect was apprehended and handed over to the SAPS. 

26 May 2016: An attempt to break into a vehicle parked on a property in Swarthout Street. 

27 May 2016: An attempted theft of a Corolla in Louise Ave by five black males. They sped away in their get-away vehicle when they realised that they were being observed

28 May 2016: A Toyota Tazz was stolen from a new Doringkloof resident in Outeniqua Ave.

31 May 2016: A “theft out of a vehicle” took place in Outeniqua St.

COMMENT:  Most of the crime during May involved a vehicle.   It is noticeable that vehicles are easy pickings, especially if parked on the pavement, even for a few seconds.  Thieves also know that many people leave money (loose change) in the car and even laptop computers, GPS and cell phones.  Take these items out if your vehicle is not parked in a secure garage.  However, what can we, in general, do to change this situation?  Almost every day we get numerous reports of suspicious persons or vehicles roaming through Doringkloof.  Unfortunately it appears as if the reporting of these incidents over the radio has done little to change the crime figures.  What we do need to do is to go out and let the suspects know that they are being observed (see the entry for 27 May 2016 above.)



The ‘Street Captain Initiative’ is well under way, with about 25 volunteers already appointed as Street Captains.  However, we still need about 20-25 more.

For those who are not yet aware, Doringkloof has been subdivided into logical portions of streets with a limit of about 20 houses per Street Captain. The idea is that the Street Captain will be the person who will keep the residential data base up to date, meet newcomers in the area and keep the 20 or so homes informed of any special developments.  Please note that the Street Captains have all signed the “Non-Disclosure Agreement” so your information will remain secure.  Your Street Captain may also set up a Whatsapp group for those residents that fall within his or her responsibility

The following streets still require Street Captains: Aster, Bashee, Cecile, Dahlia, Gerda, Glover (between Leonie and Sonja), Jasper, Koranna, Kunene, Leonie, Limpopo, Molopo, Olifants, Outeniqua, Palm, Ronel, Seder, Sonja (87-149 and 183-205), Umtata, and Zambesi (60-80 and 107-130).  You can help make Doringkloof secure by emailing Ryan at and volunteer to be the Street Captain in your street.  (Perhaps you know of someone who could be the Street Captain?  Why not ask them to be the volunteer).


The DNW Team