Here is the crime as received by since November 2019.

28 Nov 2019   Burglary during the morning in Maroela Avenue.

12 Dec 2019   Attempted burglary at 08:30 in Outeniqua Ave

09 Jan 2020    Burglary during the morning in Thea Ave

11 Jan 2020    Attempted burglary in Jean Ave

27 Jan 2020    2 x attempted burglaries in Maroela and Zambezi.

29 Jan 2020     Attempted burglary at 13:00 in Elizabeth St.

02 Feb 2020    Attempted burglary at 10:30 in Leonie St

04 Feb 2020    Attempted burglary/robbery in Jean Ave.   A person was present on the property during the attempt and this incident could have developed into a robbery had the suspects pulled out a weapon.



  1. Looking at the crime, it would appear as if the Festive Season Break is over, and the criminals have returned and are active again.


  1. Please take note that there are two types of criminals stalking our streets.  The one group are the casual criminals, suspected to come from the out-of-work, piece-job-seekers who are hungry and who most probably sleep in the bush.  These types of criminals are looking for a quick theft so as to get money to buy food or even his next drink/shot.   These are mostly wall jumpers, mostly at night but now becoming active even during the day.   We need to watch out for them and report them when observed.


  1. The other group are the professionals whose ranks are recruited from the first group.   They are the ones who scout the suburb, getting information and then hitting hard and quick.  The latest information is that they use load-shedding as a time to get into properties, otherwise using the mid-morning period.


  1. We can only stop criminal activity by being out there watching them.  We do this by going out into the street with your radio, whenever the coordinator calls in a suspicious vehicle or person.  The wall jumpers and the scouts need to know we are watching them.  Just reporting them over the radio does not solve the problem.



Can we please make a point of using the radio to report criminal activity, be it a suspicious person or vehicle or an actual crime?   Using WhatsApp means that for us, the crime did not occur and the sender could just as easily have phoned the police.  We as a neighbourhood watch are here to help each other in times of crime and we thus need all of us to support each other as quickly as possible.  Only the radio can achieve this.   (For the radio to be effective we need to have radio transmission discipline.  This means short concise transmissions and avoiding non-crime related issues.  Phone if you want to know whether there is load-shedding or a dog is seen wandering the street.  KEEP TRANSMISSIONS TO THE MINIMUM).

So forget about using WhatsApp or phoning a friend with a radio.  If you do not have a licenced radio (you are strictly not a member of the DNW either without a licenced radio as per the DNW Constitution) and you might just find yourself in an untenable situation without the radio should you become the victim of a crime.

Finally, you can also report the crime after the fact by emailing your message to