This past week has seen a ‘smash and grab’ in Jean Ave and two burglaries from properties, one over lunch-time and the other during the graveyard shift. 

Looking at the crime, one wonders whether the two burglaries were not committed by casual thieves.  One has the feeling that these crimes are committed by people who come into Doringkloof and take their chances.   This is not to say that they do not first scout their intended target.  They start off by hanging out in one of the parks or at the bottle store and talk to, amongst others, the gardeners and domestic helpers.  With this information they then walk around to possible properties and suss them out, checking the gate, the entry and exit route as well as escape route.  Naturally they check the property to see what is lying around such as bicycles, etc. that can easily be taken.  They seem to know what is available and where, without having to force their way into the place. Also whether the property is vacant during the day!   Unfortunately we are still experience incidents where the suspects can lift the gate. 

To counter this type of crime calls for us as residents to make sure that they know that they are being observed and are followed/reported on.  Just reporting them to the coordinator is as good as reading a crime thriller – it does not stop the crime!  (Maybe handing out pictures to them to show them we have them on CCTV/smart phone might do the trick?)


Over the last year or so we have had some confusion regarding the various channels on our radios.  Below is an explanation of what they are:

Channel 1:  This is the main operational channel on which we all communicate.  When someone send out a message on their radio, the transmission goes out on a specific frequency to the repeater who, on receiving the transmission, immediately re-transmits it to all receiving radios who are also on Channel 1, but on another frequency so that the outgoing transmission does not swamp the incoming transmission.  This means that all radios are programmed to transmit on one frequency and receive on another frequency.  Please remain on this channel at all times unless instructed to go to another channel

Channel 2:  This is an Ops channel and operates on a PMR frequency (P5.15). The transmission does not go through the repeater.  It is only used for DNW operations when those involved are in close proximity to each other, i.e. plus/minus 100 metres.

Channel 3: This channel is used by those residents responding to a crime incident or conducting a patrol.  This channel is used so as not to disturb all other residents listening out on Channel 1, especially at night.  However, anyone transmitting on Channel 1 will automatically over-ride Channel 3.

Channel 4: This channel is like Channel 2 and operates on a PMR frequency and is a standby channel only to be used should all communication fail on other channels.

Channel 5:  This channel is to be used by all DNW radio owners should the repeater fail.   This means that all transmissions are from radio to radio and not through the repeater.  It is only to be used in extreme cases and on instructions from the coordinator.

Channel 6:  This is a channel used for radio training. (P4.15)

Channel 7:  This channel was introduced for coordinators to talk to each other without bothering all radio owners who are listening out on Channel 1.  Rarely used.

Please take note that our radios are licensed by ICASA and that we have to abide by their rules, specifically the use of the radio frequencies allocated to the DNW.  This is why we have to pay radio licence fees.


The DRA Committee has made significant progress and are pleased to announce the appointment a new CIVICS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE for Doringkloof, with immediate effect.

The new Civic Affairs Committee is:

  • Bernice Swanepoel – Chairperson and co-opted Exco Member for the Civics Affairs portfolio on the DRA Committee. Bernice is a registered town planner, working as a development market analyst. She has been a resident of Doringkloof for nearly two years and lives on Jakaranda Street. The great loves of her life are her husband, Braam, and her two dachshunds, Zoe and Bianchi.
  • Theodor Bredell – Committee Member. Theodor is a landscape architect and also studied environmental management. He has been a resident in Doringkloof for the past 4 years. Caring for our parks, public open spaces and general safety of our living environment is key to what he stands for.
  • Wilhelm de Wet – Committee Member. Wilhelm has a background in photography, IT and property investment. He has been calling Doringkloof home since 2003 and lives in Sonja Street. At the age of 46 he has started cycling and hopes to see more of his neighbours at this year’s 94.7 cycle challenge.
  • Tarun Jeram – Committee Member. Tarun is a qualified electronics engineer and has experience in the electronics/electrical manufacturing industry. He lives in Sonja Street for nearly 5 years and would like to contribute to making Doringkloof one of the most efficient and safe neighbourhoods.

The Civics Affairs Committee will be involved with the following tasks within the community and as part of the DRA:

  • Assisting in handling land use issues such as rezoning and consent use applications.
  • Reporting issues within Doringkloof to the Ward Councillor (streetlights, potholes, etc.)
  • Liaising with the Town Planning department regarding developments in/near Doringkloof, building infringements, illegal land uses, etc.
  • Liaising with TMPD regarding by-law and traffic law enforcement.
  • Writing and compiling a Doringkloof Property Policy.

As part of our directive to report issues to the Ward Councillor, Mr Gert Visser, we would like to encourage all residents to please report any issues within Doringkloof by emailing it to or send a WhatsApp message to Bernice at 082 698 2010. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Road markings that need repair or
  • repainting
  • Road sign repairs
  • Potholes
  • Sweeping of roads (sand/rocks)
  • Stormwater drain blocking or repairs
  • Streetlights not working
  • Grass cutting
  • Tree cutting/pruning
  • Weed removal
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Illegal dumping
  • Litter picking
  • Removing illegal vertical litter

If you notice any such issues within the neighbourhood, kindly indicate the location. With regard to streetlights please also note the pole number. Issues can also be reported via WhatsApp to your Street Captains.

We, as Doringkloof residents, wish the new committee all success in their new tasks

Finally, we as residents join with the DRA Committee in expressing our sincere gratitude and acknowledge to Chris Angles for his dedicated and hard work regarding Civics Affairs over many years. Chris has indicated that he wants to step down but will assist the new committee with a smooth handover.