CRIME in DORINGKLOOF Week 22 –29 December
23 December – An attempted burglary in Maluti Ave.   Unfortunately the victim is not a member of the DNW and thus did not enjoy the support we could have given had they had a radio.   In fact, the burglars were seen departing the property.   DNW members are strongly recommended to encourage neighbours to join by purchasing a radio.  This is how we make the DNW work.
25 December – Burglary in Limpopo Ave (No additional information).
There was also a report of a potential vehicle hijacking or possible theft.  However, when the hijackers/thieves noticed that they were observed, they left in a hurry.  Shows that when we work together, observe and report, then we have an effect on the crime rate.
We would like to remind our residents that in terms of the Municipal by-laws it is illegal to discharge fireworks within the Tshwane metropolitan area without permission.  Doing so (without permission) carries a possible fine of R5000 or even imprisonment.  

Complaints regarding fireworks being discharged illegally can be made by phoning 012 310 6255 or 082 581 0458.  Otherwise call the coordinator and perhaps the DNW will catch the culprit who will then spend a night in detention with all the other criminals.

As we close out the year, please join us in a word of thanks to all those who regularly did duty to ensure our security.   Here we think of all those who did duty as coordinators and those who did patrols, those who went out as back-up when asked to do so, and also those who just made the effort to go out and check something in their street and call it on the radio.   It is this that makes the DNW that which it is.
Why not consider playing a more involved role in the New Year?    We badly need coordinators as well as people who will do regular patrols.