Last week a report was received of five men who attempted to gain entrance to a property by calling on an employee, working on the property, to open up in order to check something, or possibly to use the toilet.

Residents are warned that both males and females will try to gain access to a property with the intent of robbing the house.  Tell anyone who is present on your property while you are not there that they are not obliged nor required to open any gate, door to anyone without your explicit permission, even if they can produce what appears to be an authentic “ID”.

Later in the week we had a burglary while the residents were away during the early evening.  Based on certain evidence available at the time to the DNW, a cordon or perimeter was thrown around the block and the neighbouring properties searched.   While the search failed to find any suspects, it was great to see so many residents who were prepared to sacrificed their evening to secure Doringkloof.  We salute you.


Recently, during a call-out following a cable theft incident, multiple shots were fired at a suspect fleeing up the spruit.  This irresponsible act could have had fatal results, especially as the shots were fired in a populated and built up area, notwithstanding the fact that residents were moving down the spruit trying to arrest the fleeing suspect.

The DNW would like to state that the shots were not fired by any member of the DNW.  The DNW is now taking up the matter with the responsible parties.



For the information of all our residents – we would like to emphasise that we are not a vigilante organisation and will always operate within the law.

In the light of the shooting incident, we would like our residents to know the law as applicable to us. The Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977, regarding the use of force in attempting to arrest is applicable to us in dealing with a suspect.  (The following is a layman’s interpretation – please refer to the actual Act for complete and correct wording).

*         You may, as a private person, arrest a suspect if you have or had a reasonable suspicion that such person is committing or has committed an offence.

*         If the suspect resists the attempt to arrest him, you may use such force as may be reasonably necessary and proportional in the circumstances to overcome the resistance or to prevent the suspect from fleeing.  Once the suspect is in your power, you may not use any more force than is necessary to restrain him or her.

*         You may use deadly force to affect an arrest provided that you are justified in using this deadly force.  However, the deadly force must be immediately necessary for the purposes of protecting yourself, any person lawfully assisting you or any other person from imminent or future death or grievous bodily harm.

Speaking of deadly force, we need to take note of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000) that says that it is an offence to:

*         To handle a firearm while under the influence of a substance, which has an intoxicating or a narcotic effect.

*         To point any firearm whether or not it is loaded at any other person, without good reason to do so.

*         It is an offence to discharge a firearm in a built-up area or any public place, without good reason to do so.

N.B. A “firearm” means any firearm (gun, rifle) muzzle loading firearm or airgun.


Have a safe week,

The DNW Team