Last week was again a very quiet week with no serious crime reported. What is the secret? Perhaps it was the fact that an intruder was caught and the word spread that if you commit a crime in Doringkloof you will get caught. Another reason could be that the crime syndicates are targeting other suburbs and we are in the scouting phase, I.e. the few weeks before the actual burglars break into a property. This means that we must keep reporting any suspicious persons or vehicles. (Another reason is that crime is not being reported, either to the DNW or to the police. This could be a bit short sighted as we cannot accurately determine trends. If you do not want to call it in on the radio, then send a late report to
Talking of suspicious persons or vehicles, let’s see how we can improve our reporting:
1. Suspicious Persons: When we started off in 2007 we soon noticed that there were a few indicators that said this guy was suspicious. They were sometimes better dressed than the average worker. Shoes were a dead giveaway as they may have tried to look like workers but still wore their fancy shoes. Today, they seem to have learned the lesson and they look like ordinary work seekers or gardeners. So we have to look for other indicators; such as walking without purpose, looking into properties, talking on the phone and sometimes loitering around at a street intersection. The last indicator could also indicate that a burglary is about to take place in any one for the streets under observation. They are there to report that no one is on the property targeted. These suspicious persons must be immediately made aware that we see them. Approach them politely and ask whether they are lost or can you help them. This will make him or her aware that we know what is about to happen.
2. Suspicious Vehicles: “Professional” or syndicate criminals will often use a vehicle to get to the target and especially to escape from the scene. What are the indicators – a very difficult question to answer? Previously it was either an old Toyota Tazz or Citi Golf. Both seem to have disappeared and instead that criminals travel in more up market vehicles, either stolen or hired. So what indicators are there; burglars are normally four persons, one driver, one lookout at the gate and two collecting the TV, the computers and the jewellery. Car thieves consist mostly of three persons, sometime only two. Again, one to drive, another to break into the car while the other keeps a look out. However, often a suspicious vehicle will be one that comes into Doringkloof, will drop off the passengers, who then scout a street of three and then pick them up again later. If you see a vehicle dropping off passengers near a corner then carefully watch them. Often passengers will be dropped off near a corner, who then walk round the corner and break into the car parked on the pavement, or break the security gate prior to breaking into the house. These must be called in immediately. However, remember that we do not have the right to stop a vehicle for questioning and all we can do is make them aware that they have been observed.
Hopefully this will help us to improve our neighbourhood watch actions.

Last week Graham held a very informative meeting with those who are serious about making Doringkloof a crime-free zone. About 30 plus people attended the meeting where Graham covered the need for people to get actively involved in crime prevention.
Amongst other points, Graham mentioned that all of us Doringkloof residents can be classified as falling into one of the following groups; observers – that is all of us, patrollers, those who are part of an organised group who patrol at various times, while the third group are those we refer to as minute men, those who have received training and are equipped to clear properties. (Please note that no group can be seen as the Doringkloof police force, people we can call upon if we feel threatened.)
In conclusion, Graham mentioned that we need more patrollers and minute men. Patrollers can be anyone who is prepared to give of their time and patrol whenever the crime scene indicates that we should be out there. Anyone who is prepared to get involved as a minute man will be afforded the opportunity to receive training and be equipped. If interested please contact Graham at .
Finally – we are all observes. If we have a radio we are part of the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch

Doringkloof residents, who are interested in attending a one-hour radio training session, must please send an email to for more information.
DNW Team

To All Doringkloof Residents


Updated Doringkloof Residents Association Executive Committee (DRA Exco)

President: Iaan van Niekerk
Vice-President & Crime Prevention Officer: Graham Oosterlaak
Administration & Secretary: Petro Jansen
Communication & Promotions: Jessica Viljoen
Treasurer: Janet Els
Care/Hospitality: Mariaan Sieberhagen
Compliance Officer: Pieter van Oudtshoorn


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