These last two weeks we had one vehicle stolen while another was broken into.  Last week we had a report of an attempted burglary in Elizabeth Street.

In combating crime there are two approaches that can be used.  The one, preventative action, is where we patrol our suburb to make sure that any potential criminal is aware that he or she may be caught as they are being watched.   Experience here and abroad has shown that this is the more effective approach.

However, and almost as effective, is the apprehension of the suspects.   These criminals tend to talk amongst each other, even while in detention, and the word soon gets out that in Doringkloof, as soon as the message goes over the radio that a crime is being committed, that the place swarms with residents who will do anything to catch the suspects.

While our normal reaction in observing a developing crime scene is to shout at the suspects, it is more important to immediately call the crime in on the radio.  We will then have a good chance of catching the criminals, especially if residents can be on the scene within 60 seconds of the crime being noticed.  In this way we fight crime on both fronts.

Please – it does not help to shout at criminals and then send a Whatsapp or an email to .  If we do not catch the suspects they will simply be back as they will experience Doringkloof as an easy place to steal.



The incoming DRA committee has not yet deliberated on the role that Whatsapp will play in preventing crime.  However, the committee is agreed that the radio is the primary means of communicating and in preventing crime.  Please use it – as the saying goes – “it is easier to say sorry than to not use the radio and allow a criminal get away”.



Just a short heads-up with regard to operating the radio effectively.  We know that all we have to do to send a message is to push the PTT (Press To Talk) button and out goes our transmission.  However, many of us are of the opinion that we have to wait for the repeater to cease with the “shush” that follows on when the person has ceases talking.  This is just a thing that the repeater does.  If you want to reply to the original message, you do not have to wait for the “shush” to stop.  You can start transmitting as soon as the previous person has said “Over”.  



We are of the opinion that crime, particularly at night has reduced significantly since some residents have taken to patrolling the streets.  Perhaps you may not be aware of this as those who do go out do so without any fanfare, many going out during the graveyard shift.

However, we also need to be aware that we cannot rely on a few residents to do all the patrolling and we do need more residents to volunteer.  This is especially so over the long week-end. 

The DNW team would like to urge all residents to consider becoming a patroller.


The DNW team would like to urge all residents to consider becoming a patroller.  You are not expected to go out and arrest people or put yourself in harm’s way.   All we ask is that you get into your vehicle and drive around the suburb with DNW signage on your vehicle.  If you see something that constitutes a crime, all you do is call for backup on the radio and help will be with you within seconds.. 

If you are willing to make Doringkloof a safe and secure suburb and participate as a patroller, please call Simon at cell number 084 326 1906.



For those residents who could not make the recent AGM we have pleasure in announcing the new DRA Committee members.

There are:

  • Gerhard Prinsloo (Chairperson)
  • Graham Oosterlaak (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Rob Charlton
  • Janet Els
  • Wynand Groenewald
  • Simon Jordaan
  • Russell Marshall
  • Dick Prinsen
  • Ryan Raath
  • Derek Tereblanche
  • Raquel van Rooyen