CRIME INCIDENTS WEEK 19 – 25 January 2015
Last week we only had one incident to report.
Early on Wednesday morning an intruder scaled a wall in Tugela Ave using the water meter as a step to gain entry into a garden.  The thief then broke into two vehicles and stole the radios amongst others.
The new water meters are a menace!  They do provide a convenient step to get over a wall.   While we all accept that the security of our property is our own responsibility, we do have lots of members of the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch who would be more than willing to come out in support to catch any intruder on your property.   There are only two provisos.  One is that you must act if you hear an unusual noise at night and this means possibly getting up and checking your property from a darkened house.  Do not switch on inside lights when checking.  Two, make a call on the radio once you have a confirmed sighting.   Or call your neighbours to help you check.  Once you have the intruder confirmed, and you call on your radio, you will soon have the surrounding area swarming with DNW people to catch the criminal. 
While on this subject, we need to take note that the DNW’s in-time means of communication is the repeater radios.   If you call a friend on the telephone and he then calls it on the radio, any response will be too late.   We need to be on scene within 30 seconds to one minute if we are to stop crime.    The same goes for Whatsapp and SMS’s – they only inform a small group and by the time the message gets out on the radio to everyone, it is too late.   If you do not have a radio, do the right thing and get one and join us in making Doringkloof safe.
In closing we need to thank all those members who have reported on the radio anything that they deem as being suspicious.  This has helped the neighbourhood to further check out such people and to ultimately make them feel uncomfortable in Doringkloof, especially when the realise that we are aware of their movements.