Last month we, the residents of Doringkloof, held our Annual General Meeting where we voted in a new DRA Committee.  We are now proud to announce that the committee members have elected Iaan van Niekerk as the new Chairperson of the DRA Committee. 

Congratulations on your appointment, Iaan!  

Let us as residents of Doringkloof give him our wholehearted support.




Lately we in Doringkloof have had an above normal amount of crime –  way above our target of less than 1.5 incidents per week.

In this regard we would like to bring two issues to your notice.


1.    ATTEMPTED HIJACKINGS.   Last week we had 2 incidents of attempted hijackings!!  From this we can conclude that hijackings within a suburb is again seen as a definite option in amassing illegal wealth.  Another possible conclusion could be that due to the current economic climate, new entrants to the ranks of hijackers are coming onto the market.  The description of the two attempted hijackings seem to indicate this, with the one hijacking being committed by hijackers who are still under instruction.

To counter this trend we urge residents to take a radio with them when driving to and from home.  (Do not rely on Whatsapp – you cannot type a message while driving and avoiding a hijacking).  The modus operandi should you be approaching your gate and you realise that there is a strange vehicle behind you, is to drive on immediately and call on the radio.  The coordinator will advise you to keep driving, possibly to the Engen Garage.   At the same time, some of the residents  will go mobile and meet up with you.  If the hijackers have not left you by them they will certainly be in for some unexpected sport.

2.    GARDEN INTRUDERS.   We are getting an increase in intruders.  We have already explained why we think this is occurring, but we need to take precautions to reduce this type of crime.  Residents are encouraged to take the following action:

  • Do not leave loose items lying around outside in the garden, such as tools, bicycles, ladders, etc.  Put them away or lock them securely.   Do not leave your laptop, smart phone, wallet or GPS in the car overnight, especially if your car is just standing in the driveway over night.
  • Current statistics seem to indicate that the favourite time for these thieves is anytime from 03:00 to about 05:30.  If you hear a strange noise, do not ignore it, but look out of a dark house into your garden and see whether you see anyone. (Usual the barking of outside dogs is a good indicator that someone is about).  If you observe a person in your garden – first thing – call it in on the radio!!!  Do not get your gun first and then fire a shot – something many of us would love to do in most such cases.  (If you do, you will only find yourself explaining to a magistrate why you fired a shot in a built up area at a fleeing person who no one was sure at the time as to whether a crime was committed or not.)
  • If you neighbour calls in an intruder or wall jumper do not turn over to have that last hour of sleep but get up and look out of your windows to check whether the wall jumper has not crossed into your garden.

Let’s all work together to beat this crime!!


DNW Team