This past week two bicycles were stolen in Sering Street, an attempted burglary took place, also in Sering Street, while a resident was mugged one evening as they were leaving a block of flats in Aster.  Otherwise, a quiet week.

While on the subject, we are in the pre-holiday shopping season.  Criminals are going all-out to steal as much as possible in order to finance their holiday at home over Christmas.  Crime reports coming from other areas seems to indicate this as well.  While we may feel that our crime is relatively low, we should not fool ourselves.  Statistics show that we are entering the “prime crime time” that occurs round about this time each year.  Let us be vigilant and report (via radio, not Whatsapp) anything suspicious, no matter how trivial.  By the way, crime takes many forms and if you are unsure, call for back up on the radio and together prevent crime.



Three street braais were held last week-end and from reports they were well attended.  Many of those who attended said it was great to meet new residents, many of them living possibly just two houses away from them.  If your street has not had a street braai recently, now is the time and weather to hold one. Don’t wait for someone to organise it, just do it!

Please note: Municipal regulations do not allow you to hold the braai in the street itself and the TMPD will not give any authority either.  However, nothing stops residents braai-ing on the pavement or in drive way.  So, do not be put off!




We would like to thanks those residents who came out to clear the trees and branches that were knocked over by the wind on Saturday night.  We are not sure that this occurs in other suburbs.

Yesterday a resident, who recently had an operation to fix a broken bone, fell over and could not get up.  He called on the radio for assistance and within minutes five residents arrived to help put him on his feet again. 

Do you really want to live in another suburb?


DNW Team