Dear Doringkloof Residents,


The DNW is hosting a promotion event outside the New Fatima Café on the corner of Glover and Sonja Streets this Saturday 28 November 2015.  Members of the DNW will be there from 09:00 to 12:00 to answer any queries you may have regarding the neighbourhood watch, while selected items will be on sale such as signage for your fence or vehicle (if you intend patrolling), etc.

Why not pay a visit and enjoy a boerewors role while discussing the security of Doringkloof.



Members of the DNW recently reviewed the state of the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch’s financial state.   To put it mildly, they are not very encouraging.  It appears that the monthly contributions have dwindled to less than half of what they were a few years ago.  Furthermore, the number of radio owners who are paying their licence fees has dropped to about a quarter of the radios in circulation, and we are now in danger of ICASA cancelling our licence if we do not put matters right.

Although there are sufficient funds in the kitty to meet our immediate needs, Doringkloof residents must take note that without funding we cannot provide crime prevention and thus the protection that we expect

It is important to note that the money donated is used to purchase items that are necessary for the effective running of a neighbourhood watch. These items include protective gear for those members willing to go in and arrest suspects, such as bullet proof vests, gloves, and torches, etc.  To kit out one person in this way could cost us anything up to R10’000.  Currently we need to equip a minimum of three additional volunteers in this way. We cannot expect a resident who volunteers to put his or her life in danger to pay for the protection that they are entitled to.  

The current CCTV system that we installed over the years has proven its worth and we now need to expand the system.  Mobile CCTV cameras with associated equipment are currently on order. This will help us to place a camera at potential hotspots as they develop, such as the current need to observe what is happening in the spruit along Botha Ave. Effective CCTV cameras do not come cheaply either.  

Furthermore, burglaries are the most prevalent crime occurring in Doringkloof and the most effective way to curb this is visible patrolling.  To put signage on a vehicle so that it is visible as a patrol vehicle can cost up to R300 per vehicle.  To reduce the cost for the person volunteering to patrol, the DNW would like to subsidize the purchaser – and with an initial requirement for about 20 sets, we are looking at about R4000 just for these items.

Finally, as with any fund, the DRA has to regularly pay for bank charges, for the webpage and all those little sundry things that we all have to pay for.

The DNW Team would like to encourage all our residents, to not only pay their outstanding radio licence, but also to make a small regular donation to the DRA.   How can you do this?  Go to our web page: and click on Downloads (on the drop-down menu at the top right).  Wait until the full list has downloaded and then click on bank details.

Why not do the right thing and pay your radio licence – you can get the details as to how to do this on the Doringkloof website.


Have a safe week,

The DNW Team