In the interests of transparency and openness, a letter put out by the Chairman of the DRA Committee is copied below.  This is in response to numerous reactions by members of the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch (DNW) to a member who has decided to withdraw from the DNW.  (Please note that the issue in question is subject to an inquiry and any details cannot be published).


As chairman of the DRA Committee, I am yet again writing to all our DNW members, because of the emails and phone calls that were received this morning.

It must again be stressed that Simon was never at any stage suspended and this was again explained to him at our recent monthly DRA meeting.

What makes this situation difficult for all of us is the fact that this matter is under investigation, and can therefore not be discussed in detail or in the open. Any opinion or view expressed for or against Simon could be use against those involved.  It may be useful to remember that this issue does not just involve the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch, but the Lyttelton Sector 2 CPF and SAPS and is basically out of our hands.

The decision to stop Simon from using the WhatsApp channels was taken after he wrote a message where he apparently attacked people outside of Doringkloof. He was therefore removed to protect him from incriminating himself even further. Furthermore, the decision was based on Section 6 of the DRA constitution which calls for action against anyone who could bring the DRA into disrepute.

Simon was told after last night’s meeting that it was hoped that he would reconsider his threat to resign. This still stand.

If anyone wishes to discuss the matter further, please contact Gerhard personally. Lastly, all DNW members are asked to be careful and not to make judgements based on only half of the story.

As always in your service.

Gerhard Prinsloo


Doringkloof Residents Association

072 157 2479



The success of the DNW has always been the coordinators.  It is they who have manned the radio 24/7, supporting us whenever a need has arisen.  It is our belief that without these coordinators the DNW would have gone the same way so many other neighbourhood watches have gone – downhill until they become a mere shadow of a real neighbourhood watch, end up as one in name only.

At the moment, we are facing a related problem where we have too few coordinators volunteering to take a shift.  Those who have been a part of the team have asked that they be released after serving for five years or more.  So, we need new volunteers to take over as coordinators.

The DNW has always functioned on a volunteer system where people give of their time to serve the Doringkloof community.

If you feel that you are able to contribute as a coordinator why not phone Fritz at 082 570 4845 or send an email to and find out how to join the “winning team”.


The other night a lady was hijacked in Leonie Street, right here in Doringkloof.  We believe that the reaction to the incident needs to be told – so here it is – as related by one of the residents who reacted to the call for help!

I hear the panicking lady and immediately know something is up and I move to get going. I then hear her story and that their cell phones were taken, so decide not to head out but to wait for an opportunity to ask for cell numbers over the radio. Graham gets the info and as they radio the number through I start tracking.

I get a location on Botha Ave close to Nelmapius Road (Irene).  Markus notifies the SAPS guys on the tracking group and they start re-acting. We determine that the vehicle is headed toward Tembisa.

I also notify the chairman of Sector 2 CPF for assistance. The SAPS members that Markus have notified start setting up road blocks close to Tembisa.

I am not sure who, nor can I remember who, asked an important question of the victim – did the car have a tracker in it. The reply is yes and DNW members start calling the tracking company.

LS2 and Doringkloof start spreading the lookouts on various platforms and groups. Matrix tracking is notified and advises they are re-acting.

Markus and I try in vain to get an updated location with the cell phone tracking app but get no joy, probably due to the phone being switched off or a signal jammer being used.

Pierre then advised over the radio that Matrix had picked up a signal in Moreleta Park. We notified the SAPS personnel in the tracking group.

Around 15 min later, SAPS advised us that the vehicle had been recovered, abandoned on the Delmas road near the power station. I notified Lood, he requests that we DO NOT make the location known as it has caused trouble in the past and has put reaction teams at risk before.

SAPS notify us that the forensics team are there to take prints and other DNA from the car.

We notify every one of the recovery and the next morning of the location of recovery and some pictures of the scene.

I am uncertain if the belongings inside the vehicle were left or stolen.

I would like to add that, I feel that this was a major team effort. We managed to utilise many resources in the effort to recover the vehicle. From all the other sectors and security companies, SAPS and our own people who got the information quickly and efficiently, stood by the victims to make them feel secure and offer some sort of comfort, Counselling that was organised, this was all done within an hour! It makes me damn proud.

Well done to all those who were involved.  Yes it does make us proud of living in Doringkloof!


DNW Team