Dear Residents


In 2007, when the DNW got off the ground, we had only a handful of members.   At the time we only had one coordinator, a gentleman, who apart from selling the PMR radios, also did all the coordinating as well.  He was really good and often when a suspicious person was called in, he would ask a few questions and declare the person either suspicious, someone to be watched, or as a known person and everyone could therefore relax.  Should a wall jumper be reported another resident hurry to the scene and take over as the onsite coordinator while the rest of us set up a perimeter?

As time went on and the DNW expanded, the job of coordinating became too much for just this one person.  Volunteers were called for and soon we had enough to fill the roster without anyone having to do multiple shifts.

Since then the coordinators became the backbone of the DNW

The all-important Radio, your friend in need!!!

Without their voluntary work, the DNW would have folded long ago.   Where other neighbourhood watches sunk back to a shadow of what they were, the DNW kept going largely due to the volunteer coordinators not giving up.

For those of us who want to see crime prevented in Doringkloof will also have noticed that the number of volunteers coordinating has become less and less.  One can also see it in the stress some of the coordinators are showing, especially when they are more on duty then off.  There are some who are on duty for almost a whole day.  And remember they are doing this for us and our security.

Yes, there are new members who have recently signed on, but we need a lot more.  Not just one or two.  At least six to seven more!  If we have enough volunteer coordinators then each coordinator need only do at most one shift a week, or perhaps just one duty a month, just as much as they can do.

We are seriously appealing to residents to volunteer, mainly as coordinators but also as patrollers.  The bottom line is that if we want a safe neighbourhood watch then we will have to do it ourselves.   And coordinating is one way we can!

All those residents who would like to volunteer as coordinators can do this by replying to this newsletter just click on the “Reply” button – and sent us your name and contact number.  The editor of this newsletter will see that the right person gets your email who in turn will give you all the information, etc. you may want.

Let’s stand together and make Doringkloof safe again,

DNW Team