CRIME SUMMARY – Week 14-20 November 2016

The week started off well, with no crime incidents.  Then on Saturday criminals attempted to steal a vehicle in Caledon Ave.   On Sunday there was an attempted burglary in Bashee Ave. What did worry us the most was the hijacking that took place in Leonie the other night.  While we can say that this was only the second hijacking this year, and that we have on average three hijackings a year in Doringkloof, we still would like to have no hijackings at all.  We need to do everything to prevent them from happening!

The experts tell us that there are a few things we can do to minimise the chance of being hijacked.  We wrote about these in last week’s news bulletin and perhaps it might be a good idea to go back and re-read it.  (You can also look it up on the website).

Added to the above, we have often heard the story that the driver just popped into the house for a (short) minute, leaving the car on the pavement.  When they got back, the car was gone

We also know that most hijackings occur round about the time when people come home from work until those who went for a quick drink after work, come home.  Please be vigilant over this period.

It might interest our members that 22 vehicles were stolen in Doringkloof so far this year.  This relates to about two a month or one every two weeks.  Makes one think; your car could be next if you are not careful.



It is again becoming prevalent that people who are the victims of crime either call for support via Whatsapp of by phoning a friend.  Only then does it come onto the radio.  Experience over the last nine years has shown that if the radio call is delayed by even just 30 seconds then any response could be too late.  

In the past we reduced crime when the criminals realised that once the alarm had been made the place swarmed with residents within 30-60 seconds.  

One is inclined to say that unless you call it on the radio straight away, you might as well phone the SAPS.  The response time will be about the same.

So please, get a radio if you do not have one already. And encourage your neighbours to do the same.  Your neighbours are your first line of support!



DNW Team


From last week’s News Bulletin:

The experts say that most hijackings occur when either leaving home or coming home from work.  To avoid being hijacking we recommend that as you approach your destination, check whether you are being followed, even at a distance. 

Then, before you turn into your gate, stop in the road in the direction of travel, look around again to see whether there is anyone hiding in the bushes near your gate or just hanging about nearby.  Look also for a car that has suddenly appeared behind you.  If you see any of these signs, hit your remote to close the gate and drive on and, if you do not have a radio with you (where you can call for help), drive to the nearest garage and wait there for someone to accompany you home.