We wish all our residents a blessed Christmas and a great 2017.



We had an attempted burglary during the grave yard shift this past week when suspects tried to force open a gate.  The outside beams went off and the suspects fled.

Otherwise the week was quiet, while many suspicious vehicles were reported.

At the same time it might be useful to remember that in the past we in Doringkloof have had criminal activity over the festive season and even on Christmas day.  We believe that many criminals realise that people relax over the Christmas/New Year period and possibly drop their guard a little.  You can stay safe by being just that little more vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Some good advice on how to minimize the chance of being hijacked has been doing the rounds on social media and residents are encouraged to heed this advise.

Talking of reporting suspicious activity, we need to remember we are a NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch with the emphasis on NEIGHBOUR.

The DNW does not have a private police force or security group, nor are the patrollers at our beck and call.  (They are volunteers who patrol the suburb to deter crime.)    It may be useful to remember that we joined the DNW to not only have someone come to our aid should we become the victim of crime, but to also support our neighbours should they become the victim of a crime.  This means we cannot leave the crime prevention to a few dedicated volunteers.  We too have to act when crime happens in our neighbourhood.

Finally, the other night we had a caller stating that they suspected that someone was trying to gain entry to the house.  Unfortunately, all the caller got was a lot of advice and sympathy.  Eventually a resident get into their car and drove across half of Doringkloof to check out the property.   Imagine if a nearby neighbour had immediately got up, gone out and checked that all was in order at the home of the caller, all in the space of a few minutes.  That would have been neighbourliness

By the way, perhaps you should talk to your security company regarding their response time to an emergence/panic button alarm if they take longer than a minute or so to arrive! 


DNW Team