The week of 4-10 July 2016 was a good week – we only experienced one incident – where thieves broke into a vehicle in Koranna Ave.

However, week 11-17 July was not so good.  On Thursday, during the late morning, a red and white VW Kombi was stolen in Zambesi Ave.  According to the evidence on camera, a white Toyota Corolla was seen parked next to the Kombi that could have been the suspect’s vehicle.  Then later, at 19:00, suspects attempted to steal a blue VW Golf in Jasper Ave.

On Friday morning around 03:00, a resident reported that the alarm at his business in Jean Ave had gone off.  Requesting back-up from the neighbourhood watch, he arrived at his business to discover that the burglars had already departed, after having entered the building via the roof.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of support from the neighbourhood watch (except one resident who patrolled the area), no perimeter could be thrown up nor adjoining premises searched for the suspects before giving up.



Vehicle theft and theft out of vehicles will continue to plaque us in Doringkloof until we realise that leaving a vehicle on the pavement is an invitation to the criminals to take what they can.   It might be of value to realise that if you are running a business from your home you are required to provide secure parking inside the property.  This also goes for the businesses in Jean Ave. 

We also realise that the cold makes it difficult for us to get out of bed early in the morning to respond to a call for support where a member of the DNW is the victim of a crime.  But, unless we do so, crime will increase in Doringkloof.  It is only when the criminals realise that if they are being watched and if they so much as just try to commit a crime – the neighbourhood watch will be onto them pretty fast.


DNW Team