13 August     An attempted robbery occurred at the River Falls Office Complex in Rose Ave.  Shortly thereafter SAPS arrested two suspects with the “tools of their trade”.

During the preceding weekend, there was an apparent burglary at Little Monsters in Karin St.  A TV was stolen.

During the same weekend, perimeter lights were stolen, also in Karin St.

It looks as if some criminals were very active in Karin St that weekend and no one hears a sound or saw anything.

17 August    A wall jumper was observed jumping a wall into a property Jasper Ave.   While the security company operator saw it and reported it, apparently no one responded.  Jumping a wall into a property is an offence – trespassing onto private property.   This wall jumper should have been apprehended and handed over to SAPS for processing.   And the only way we can do this and thus deter crime in Doringkloof is if we go out, form a perimeter and then search out the suspect property by property until caught.

DNW Team