In the interest of your security – we urge you to read the whole message!

Dear Doringkloof Resident,
This past week we had one attempted burglary and lots of suspicious persons and vehicles.
When the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch (DNW) was formed in 2006, the various options open to us were evaluated from which we chose one. These can be summarised as follows:
Passive Crime Prevention: Under this option, each resident takes responsibility for securing their own property. Included in this option was the fencing off of the suburb and erecting entrance controls. However, this was beyond the financial means of the DNW even if approval was received from the local municipality.
Outsourcing Crime Prevention Under this option the Doringkloof residents, would either individually or collectively, outsource their crime prevention to a security company. However, this only works if everyone contributes to the payment and the security company provides the required resources. One vehicle with one operator is not enough! One suburb took this route without any major change crime-wise. It is only when many people get involved that we have the numbers to confront crime.
Active Crime Prevention: Under this option, the residents organise themselves to prevent crime.
An Active Crime Prevention Programme as two elements:
A. The first element is supporting the police in apprehending any criminal suspect(s) once a crime has been reported. Indeed, this can include a citizen’s arrest or assisting the police in arresting a suspect. (Both are permissible in terms of the law. However, we seriously encourage residents to attend proper training before getting involved in such activities – for their own protection). In the past this option has shown remarkable success as it says to potential criminals that they will be caught if they try anything in Doringkloof. However, even the SAPS need people to come out in support, either assisting in the search and arrest of the suspects as well as being the eyes and ears of the police , monitoring the suspects’ movements as they possibly flee from the scene. Down the years the DNW has used this to great effect! In conclusion, we urge all residents who do not have the required training and equipment to come out and form the perimeter that has led to so much success in the past.
B. The second element in crime prevention is a precursor to the first, where residents are doing what the police cannot do – have a regular visibly presence on the streets of Doringkloof. Research has shown that crime is best prevented if the potential criminal feels that he is being watched, that he will be caught if he tries anything and therefore tries his luck elsewhere. If the Doringkloof residents actively report and visibly (be seen to) monitor suspicious persons or vehicles then any potential criminals will move elsewhere. Added to this are organised patrols through our streets by residents at times indicated by previous criminal acts.
C. All of us, as residents of Doringkloof, can contribute to crime prevention by reporting suspicious persons or vehicles, not only reporting this on the radio, but also making the potential criminal aware that he has been seen and been reported. We can even politely ask the suspicious person whether he is lost or in need of help, explaining to him that we have followed him on the radio and are aware that something is not right.
Get involved – buy a radio if you do not yet have one – let’s make Doringkloof safe!
We again appeal to all residents that using Whatsapp to report crime does not help us in preventing crime. No one can confront crime and Whatsapp at the same time – that’s why we use the radio.
Until next time,
DNW Team