This week Doringkloof only experienced two crime incidents, namely;
1.    An attempted burglary in Jasper Ave on 14 January,
2.    The theft out of a vehicle in Karin St outside the school, also on 14 January.
Combating theft out of a vehicle is particularly difficult as the criminal could be hanging around looking all innocent like and even possibly asking for a hand-out.  Then as you move away from the car, a quick glance around and in they go, opening your car, and taking whatever they can get hold of, even children’s school bags.

Risidents can reduce risk

Residents can do a few things to reduce the risk.   1). Make sure your vehicle is properly locked before moving away.  2). Make sure that no valuables are lying on the seat.  Do not park, take your expensive laptop out and place it in the boot in full view.  Most vehicle boots can be accessed through the back seat backrest.   All that you are doing is inviting closer inspection by potential thieves.  3).  As you move away from your vehicle, have a good look around at who is loitering around.  Make sure that such loiterers see you looking at them.   If they look suspicious, call it in on the radio (your should have it with you, not so?), again making sure the suspicious person sees you doing so.  Give a description of the person while looking at him or her.   The coordinator should then determine the support that you need.  This is a surest way to beat the criminals.
Lets have a crime free week for a change.