Dear Doringkloof Residents,


Many of us may not be fully aware of the fact that those we voted onto the DRA Committee, plus some additional volunteers, regularly consider the state of crime prevention in Doringkloof, all in order to better protect ourselves.   Last Saturday members of the Crime Prevention Committee met to discuss some of these issues.

During this meeting those present considered the general participation in the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch (DNW).  It was the committee’s firm conviction that success in the past in combating crime was the direct result of participation by the majority of residents.  If we are to continue in making Doringkloof a safe suburb to live and work in, then we should all continue to strive to participate in some way in achieving this.

Preventing Crime and One’s Neighbours

During the meeting, the committee confirmed (as was found in the past), that the key to crime prevention was by working with ones immediate neighbours.  The committee therefore urges residents to get to know their neighbours, exchanging phone numbers, etc.  Neighbours should also agree as to how they can support each other should one of them become the victim of a crime.  A simple agreement would be to look over the wall into the neighbour’s property if he or she calls that they suspect an intruder is in their garden.  In such cases call it in on the radio – this is what it is there for.  Also, call in if you see a suspicious vehicle or person lingering around your neighbour’s property.  Let’s work together to prevent crime!

Preventing Crime within Doringkloof

Further to the request above, the committee resolved to invite those Doringkloof residents who are currently members of ‘Centurion Concerned Citizens’ (CCC) to join the DNW.  By joining the DNW they will get a quicker response than from the CCC as any response from them has to come from further afield.  Experience has shown that if we are not on the crime scene within a minute, the chances of an arrest are significantly reduced.  Secondly, one can only prevent crime by being personally involved in the local neighbourhood watch.

Preventing Crime and Communication

Finally, the committee decided to invite those Doringkloof members who currently use Zello as their crime prevention tool, to move over to using the radio.  The committee is of the opinion that we in Doringkloof cannot have two types of communication, especially if we are to tackle the high levels of crime in South Africa.  As the majority of residents currently use the radio, it was decided that this would remain the official method of communication. (Note: Specific members of the committee would continue to monitor the Zello channels, such as the CCC channel, for messages that affect us in Doringkloof).


To summarize the deliberations of the Crime Prevention Committee, – we can reduce crime in Doringkloof if we all actively participate in whatever way we are able, supporting each other while communicating on a common channel or medium, so that we are all remain on the same page.


DNW Team