9 November   14:10   A B/M (blue cap & white dress shirt) in a white Range Rover broke the gate at 116 Zambezi Ave.  No further information; strange – was this an act of anger/revenge or was the driver planning on committing a burglary?

13 November 13:30. A resident at 216 Elisabeth reported an attempted break-in at 222 Elisabeth. The resident had left to fetch her children from school, and on returning, saw some suspicious people trying to the break-in at the back of her house. Due to a faulty radio, the resident was then forced to requested help via her street w/app group and to press the panic button.  Only then could CW respond. That scared off the perpetrators and they ran into the spruit to be lost.  Nothing was taken. No description of the suspects. The security door was broken out of the door frame and the door damaged.  Somebody also offered to fix the door and gate.

15 November 05:50  As the residents were leaving their property, they noticed that their garage door was open and that their solar panels that were stored in the garage were missing.  They also found that certain other things were put just inside the door making them suspect that the thieves would come back later.  However, it seems as if the suspects were spooked.

5 November   20:55   A resident in Karin Ave requested assistance with a break-in at the ‘Little Monsters School’ (91 Karin). Residents immediately responded. Copwatch was also on the scene. However, the suspects had already left.  When the owner arrived, they found that a lot had been stolen.  Some items were then retrieved from the garden, indicating that the suspects were scared off. On checking the camera footage available, it seems that the suspects must have broken in before because they passed the cameras on their way to Karin bridge at 20:55.


Until recently, most crime incidents were up in the north-eastern part of Doringkloof.   Now it seems that the criminals are targeting properties more to the south-western part of Doringkloof.  Could this be linked to the newer residents residing at the “Riverside Recycling Lodge” opposite the cricket stadium?

DNW Team