The Doringkloof Residents Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on 30 March at 19h00 in the NG Kerk Doringkloof hall.

  •          All Doringkloof residents are welcome to attend.
  •          The primary mission of the DRA is to prevent crime in our suburb and it is therefore vital that we all attend this meeting.
  •          Lack of support in running the DRA could result in the demise of the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch and a resultant rise in crime.
  •          You are therefore encourage to support the meeting and if possible, to make yourself available to serve on the committee.


Please note that the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch (DNW) is an integral part of the Doringkloof Residents Association (DRA).  The AGM therefore is therefore held to determine how we, as residents, are going to collectively combat crime in our suburb.



Councillor Gert Visser will present a “Feedback” session at the NG Kerk on 2 March at 18h00.

The topics that will be covered are:

  •          The state of the City of Tshwane
  •          Street lights
  •          Pavements
  •          Potholes
  •          Maintenance issues.

All Doringkloof residents are invited to attend.  This is your opportunity to put your concerns to our elected councillor.