This weeks crime reports:
5 January – burglary during the afternoon in Tugela Ave.
8 January – Burglary during the morning (?) in Limpopo Ave.
9 January – Burglary in Cecile Ave during the afternoon and in Rose during the evening.
Residents are again reminded that the only way we as a neighbourhood watch can counter burglaries is to make sure that we report suspicious vehicles and persons and letting them know that they are being observed.  Just reporting on the radio has no effect other than to let other residents know that they could become victims of crime. 
However, if the criminals see that they are being observed and reported on, they will most likely move out of the area.  This does mean that if you hear a report of a suspicious person or vehicle in your vicinity, you are required to go out to the gate and check and report further.  This is the only way we can reduce crime.
Finally, it is important to note that crime in other suburbs near us has been drastically reduced after they instituted vehicle patrols 24/7.  Makes you think, doesn’t it!