A DNW team recently analysed the crime incidents over the last twelve months and came to some interesting conclusions.  The crime incidents that were looked at where those that affect us all should we become victims.  These included those serious crimes such as burglaries, vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles.  The analysis also included those incidents where there was only an attempt as such.  (Hijackings and robberies were not included as the numbers were too low to be of any real significance.)

From the analysis the DNW found:

  1. Most significant is the fact that crime comes in cycles.
  2. If October is the pre-holiday “shopping season” then we must expect this to happen this month.  So, let’s be extra vigilant over the next few months and not only have our radios with us, but call in anything that makes us suspicious!
  3. Over December/January the criminals appear to go on holiday.  However, crime does not come to a complete stop, so if you are going away over this period, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property or better still, ask your security company to do a regular check on your home.  (Before going away, please check that your security alarm is working properly – a faulty alarm not only annoys your neighbours but makes any other alarm meaningless.)
  4. Looking at when most serious crime occurred in Doringkloof, we notice that most of it occurred between 10:00 and 15:30.  Again, after a slight lull more crime incidents occurred again between 17:00 and 19:30.  Perhaps this is the time to be especially vigilant.
  5. A lot of burglaries also occurred during the grave-yard shift from 02:00 till about 04:00.  These were mainly committed by the casual thief who came into Doringkloof looking for a quick bit of stealing.  Most of this crime involved breaking into vehicles parked in the yard.  Unfortunately, most of these burglaries were only discovered the next morning, while many residents reported hearing a noise or heard dogs barking but did nothing.  Sudden and unusual noises were the triggers that brought resident out in great numbers when the DNW first started.  A result of this action was a total absence of night-time crime for many years.
  6. Without exception, almost all crime involving vehicles were those that where parked on the pavement.  (Some people will just not take note!)


What can We as Residents do to Prevent Crime in Doringkloof?


The first action is to secure our property.  Why not go to and click on ‘DOWNLOADS/PAYMENTS’ and then scroll down to those headings that talk about what you can do to make yourself more secure.


Then there is that part where we all contribute in some way or other to making the suburb safer.  Here you can volunteer to become part of the “Patrollers”.  They desperately need volunteers to cover the times we have highlighted above.  If this is not your scene you could always volunteer to be a coordinator.  BUT, if you are young and fit why not join Graham and his group.  The DNW has equipped them to confront crime head-on and have put many a criminal behind bars.


If you really are not able to participate in any of the above, then please keep a listening watch on your radio and if you hear of anything occurring in your neck of the woods, then go out and support your neighbours.


Let’s keep Doringkloof crime free during the run-up to holiday season, as well as during the holidays themselves.


DNW Team