This last week we had three burglaries, scattered across Doringkloof.   What is most worrying is the tendency to view burglaries like the common cold.  The common cold is something that happens occasionally, is not really life threatening and with time the body heals itself.

Sorry, but this is not the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch’s approach at all.  Otherwise, why we have three dozen or more dedicated residents who volunteer their time almost daily to combat crime?

We all need to play our part.  Here are the basics that we can all get involved in:

Secure our own property

·         Empirical research has shown that criminals will check out a property for some time before breaking in.  We counter this by making sure that ‘suspicious persons’ are monitored and that they know that they are.  Cameras do not put them off.  What we need to do is to go out onto the street and ask them whether we can help them as they seem to be at a loss.  Whatever their answer is, they must be told that they have been monitored.   There is no need to be aggressive, just be polite but positive.  There is also no need for “someone” to come across half of Doringkloof to confront the suspicious person. You are just the person to do so.  Go out with your radio in hand to confirm you mean what you say.

·         If you are out for most of the day make sure that your property is secure, e.g. your gate cannot be lifted, all doors and security gates are locked and that all alarms are activated.

·         If you have someone remaining on your property while you are out, instruct them not to allow anyone onto your property unless you have told them to expect someone.

It remains a mystery but this advice has been repeated so often.  But, when the crime scene is inspected we find that the gate has been lifted, or the servant had allowed the suspects onto the property, or a side security gate was left open.  When securing your property, think like a thief and then do everything necessary to prevent a possible thief from entering.



Please diarise the DRA AGM to be held on 30 March at 19h00 in the NG Kerk Doringkloof hall.  It is most important that you attend; both you and your neighbours.  Unless you are willing to support the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch there is a likelihood that the whole neighbourhood watch could disintegrate.  Trends in other suburbs has shown where support has dwindled, that crime has increased dramatically.  We need you there.

Here are a few things you can do as well:

·         Make yourself available to stand as a DRA committee member.  We need dedicated committed people to directing the affairs of the DNW as well as manage its finances.  If you are willing to stand, contact Gerhard Prinsloo or reply to this news letter.

·         Volunteer to join the coordinators who keep the DNW going, day in and day out.  The more people who volunteer the less time you will need to give to the task. Talk to one of the coordinators at the meeting.

·         Volunteer to join the patrollers, the eyes and ears of the neighbourhood watch.  They are not on call to respond to individual calls, but patrol the suburb at given times to ensure that you and I can sleep soundly.  Be part of those who pro-actively prevent crime.  Talk to Simon at the meeting.



The DNW would like to congratulate Loot van Dyk on his appointment as Chairman of the Lyttelton Sector 2 CPF last night.  Loot has been an active and decisive leader within the sector for many years and we look forward to working with him.  We also wish him and his new team all the best in the coming year. 

We are also doubly pleased that our own Charene has been voted in as vice-secretary.  Your worth to the community has been recognised, Charene!


DNW Team