According to reports received, Doringkloof experienced the following crime this past week:
1.    Two burglaries, one in Maluti Ave and another on Louise St.
2.    Theft out of a motor vehicle in Outeniqua St.2
Comparing this with other information received, we are experiencing a similar spate of crime as is the rest of Sector 2 (Kloofsig, Lyttleton and Doringkloof).
From other areas we hear reports of dogs being poisoned while theft of vehicles, (especially those parked on the pavement), as well as theft out of vehicles is very prevalent.  Crime at this time of the year is always referred to as the shopping spree before the holidays and we can be sure that the trend will intensify as we approach the holidays.
Theft both out of a vehicle and the vehicle itself can be avoided.  To not park your or your guests vehicles on the pavement.  Bring it into the property behind a secure gate if you can.  If you cannot do this, why not ask a neighbour whether you cannot park on their property for the duration of the stay.  If you intend throwing a Christmas party seriously consider hiring a car guard if you cannot accommodate all the vehicles safely in your garden.
We, as residents, can also support our neighbours by every-so-often checking when we see a car parked on the pavement to see whether it is still safe.  When doing so, look for possible scouts, either on foot or cruising slowly past in order to suss out the parked vehicle.  If you are suspicious, go out to your gate with the radio visible.  The thieves will soon depart when they realise that they are being observed.


DNW Team