Over the past week we had the following crime incidents:

  • On 4 July a suspect was detained in relation to an alleged theft the previous day. The SAPS were called but could not arrest the suspect as no one had laid a charge of theft at the Lyttleton Police Station.  The police cannot arrest a person unless there is clear evidence of a crime or when someone has laid a charge.  So the suspect was released.  This brings us to an important point.  If you are the victim of a crime, however small, you must report it to the police.  (Also send an email to so that we, the DNW committee can record it!)  To add to the story, the suspect was again seen in Doringkloof two days later.   If we are to prevent crime in Doringkloof, we all must play our part; by reporting the incident to the police and then, if the suspect is seen later, we can detain him in order for the police to arrest him.
  • On 6 July Telkom cables were stolen behind the flats facing Tugela Ave. This time the residents in the area reacted and caught the culprit.



Alta Erasmus had sent us some useful information about TAKEX beams:  “If you have a Takex beam – best to have your security company do zone mapping and disclose where that beam is installed. Then, when they receive an alarm signal, they will be able to check on that specific beam. Remember to have your security firm check your windows, doors & gates. They do not know where your beams are installed. Neither does the Control Room Operator. But like my house when the alarm triggers, they know exactly which room or beam. Hope this info is helpful.” Also, take note you can request your security company to programme your beams with tamper mode. You also get special brackets for the Takex beams.”



It is important to note what may be a minor issue but has much larger implications

  • The DNW committee recently decided that in future all those who previously were referred to as MM and Patrollers would in future be referred to as ‘Patrollers’. These ‘Patrollers’ are Doringkloof residents who have volunteered to undergo training and be recognised as such.   Their duties will be very much the same as the old MM.
  • Of note to residents is the fact that as ordinary citizens we are not allowed to enter a crime scene without police authority. Being unauthorised at a crime scene could make us an accomplice to the crime, as well as possibly destroying vital forensic evidence.
  • The other side of the coin, it does not mean that you need not play your part is you are not a patroller. The whole purpose of a neighbourhood watch is to check and observe for indications of a possible crime.   This must then be reported, firstly to the coordinator (that is why they are there) and secondly, if an on-site coordinator had been designated, to him or her.  We all are the eyes and ears of those who are trained to apprehend criminals.  So – it is no use calling for a patroller to go out and check something or make sure you are safe – they are not security guards.  The checking is done by us, ordinary residents, who are neighbours one to another.

DNW Team