28 September              At about 15:00 a burglary took place at a residence in Outeniqua Ave.  Apparently from the report, it would appear that the suspect(s) entered by breaking open the gate and entering the house from the front.  Only a TV was taken according to the report.

29  September            The post-box outside a residence in Rose Ave was removed during the night.


Recently a device was picked up in the spruit that could have been used to remove items through an open window.

The device consisted of a long piece of skirting board, strongly bound to a wooden quarter-round (a thin but long piece of wood used to complete the surround of a wooden door frame).  Together these two pieces would give a reach of at least four to five metres into a room.  At the end of the quarter-round, a piece of stiff wire was attached with a hook at the end.  If used properly anyone could reach into a room through an open window and hook out a handbag, clothing (with possibly a wallet in the pocket), a set of keys or even just a blanket.

Due to the size of the contraption, it is most likely to be used at night, when it is not so easily picked up by any passing observer.  Furthermore, one could easily imagine a wall jumper entering a garden, looking for that open window, then retrieving the device and happily hooking out whatever was available; all without entering the house itself.  Then, while the occupants kept on sleeping soundly, depart with his loot.

For those interested, the device was destroyed – but this will not stop a suspect from producing another one.

DNW Team