On the 24th of February this year it will be the 21st annual International Spay Day!! For this event to be a success, Animal Allies needs vets to give services and donate their time. Dr. Ina Visser at Lakeside Veterinary clinic will be one of those vets donating their time and services for FREE.


The reason for this email is to ask the community to help us spay and castrate as many animals as possible and to prevent puppies from being dumped and unwanted breeding. Thus I, Nadene Nagel, ask you as a community to help Lakeside Animal clinic to help Animal Allies to make a difference and sterilize as many animals as possible.


This can be done by monetary donations towards this cause!!


You can contact me by email: nagelnadene@gmail.com or by cellphone: 072 731 0894


Let's make a difference and let everyone know the importance of sterilizing your pets!


Kind regards

Nadene Nagel