Good morning Friends

I was sad to hear that another one of our founder members, Nic Claassen, passed away on 7th February 2021.  Nic loved the spruit and had a wealth of  knowledge in so many areas.  He certainly contributed greatly to the Friends group getting off the ground.

March sees a change in our “team” as Mike from Tshwane Nature Conservation leaves us and Gilbert, from Pretoria East, comes to Region 4.  The good news is that the tractor has finally arrived and is busy cutting the grass in the spruit.  So I trust all the runners/walkers are out enjoying the newly mown fields.

I must take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Dick Prinsen and Marcus Dekenah for all the effort they have put into brush cutting and cutting down alien vegetation in the spruit.  Dick rallied up a good group of people 2 weeks ago (photos attached) to cut bushes and saplings along the boundary wall below Jasper bridge.  What a huge difference that has made.  Thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated.  We are looking forward to the day when Tshwane once again have their own team of brush cutters and a truck to remove all the alien vegetation that has been cut and stacked.  I am aware that there have been many complaints raised with Tshwane Nature Conservation regarding the state of the spruit.

There was an incident of illegal dumping of building rubble in the spruit at Dahlia bridge that was reported by a Fods member who lives nearby.  This has been reported to Metro Police and I am following up on this.  Thank you for being so vigilant Wian!

We would like you to join the City Nature Challenge on Saturday 1st May.   It requires downloading the iNaturalist app on your smart phone.  We will be arranging a walk in the spruit that morning and use the opportunity to take photos of any plants, insects, birds etc, downloading them onto the app and identifying them.  This is to get a record of what occurs where around the country.  I suggest you download the app soon, set up your profile and become familiar with using it.  Please join us on the day and take part in this fun activity!

 Last thing:  did you know that our bird hide is on Google Maps? Please have a look and add a review and some photos.

Kind regards