The following extract was taken out of a co-ordinators shift report on 1st January 2017:


“The usual friendly request was made at take-over to all Doringklowers on behalf of our furred and feathered friends……. however, Doringkloof exploded around midnight as never before to ring in the New Year.

Fortunately, the “War Zone” sounds only lasted for about ten minutes, followed by “ad-hoc explosions” here and there for about the next ten minutes, until petering out into peace and quiet again. 


Whilst the “ad-hoc explosions” were being heard, a lady (my apologies, I have lost the name) called in to request what we were doing about the noise.  Whilst private fireworks displays/discharges in a residential area are illegal, the caller was advised that the Neighbourhood Watch are not responsible for the keeping of the peace, and was referred to SAPS to log her complaint, if she could accurately locate and identify the residence/s from which the noise was coming. 


I believe this was done and a fine was issued to the relevant household identified.  Personally, from my vantage point, it was impossible to establish the exact locations of all the houses taking place in the “War Games”, creating a volley of sound all around Doringkloof.  Fortunately, it only lasted for just on ten minutes…. enough time to frighten and upset plenty of our pets……. I sincerely hope no Doringkloof pets were injured or traumatised enough to take to the streets and end up lost.  I found it a pity (and somewhat unfair) that only ONE household was identified and targeted, when so many more were guilty of the same offence. “

Our Correspondent: Janet Els