Marie del la Rey reported a fire in the Spruit on northern side of Outeniqua Bridge – relayed to her via phone as lady's radio was flat. Beryl got hold of the fire brigade and an engine – arrived at 14:37 – 2 staff).

At 14:13 Pat said Nathan was on his way to help fight the fire. Beryl tried to contact the various residents along the southern side of the Spruit as the fire was spreading towards the bird hide – thanks to Dirk & Pieter from Maluti who arranged a hose over their back wall. Thanks to Pat who fetched hoses from home & to Dirkie from Maluti who lent them 2 joined hoses – the Outeniqua gate was open, so she could drive in.

The Fire Brigade left at 15:10. Marie expressed special thanks to Alan from the Nursery School on the corner – he was magic & worked with the FoDS fire pump extinguisher & the beater. Nathan, Pat, Martin, Dirkie, Nel from MonitorNet and another Security guy also deserve special mention. "Nel from Monitor Net was fantastic" – to quote Marie: "Monitor Net have a true gem there – hope they treat him well."

Nel also called in at 15:30 to say how impressed he was with the cooperation from the community and that the whole firefighting job was perfectly done. That was also nice to hear! ​

Thanks, Everyone – including YOU, Marie!!

At 16:13 there was a report of yet another (3rd) fire in the Spruit – at Zambesi Bridge – and the Outeniqua/Glover Bridge one had started again – this had to be ascribed to arson (naughty school kids?). The Fire Brigade came back and drove around to see if there were any other problems or potential arsonists in the Spruit area.  Very sad to think of all the small animals killed and nests burnt – so unnecessary, too – especially as it is a Nature Conservation area where fires are generally not allowed.


Report by: Beryl Zondag