1. Ensure that your cell phone is fully charged at all times, and recharged when power is restored.
2. Save work, and switch off your computer
3. Ensure that your vehicle has sufficient fuel to sustain your driving needs over outages as petrol stations cannot pump fuel without electricity.
4. Ensure that you have adequate cash at your disposal as ATMs will not be operating without electricity.
5. Release your garage door from the electrical drive mode and place on "Manual" operation.
6. Keep temporary lighting such as a battery powered torch easily available at all times. In addition purchase rechargeable torch batteries and charger.
7. Purchase a small solar powered torch. Keep it in the sunlight, and at a suitable place that will allow you to reach it easily at night.
8. Have one or two light fittings (automatic power failure safety lights) fitted in your house that plug into a wall switched socket outlet. These lights will be recharged whenever ESKOM power may be available and will illuminate when mains power fails.
9. Keep a reserve of a few frozen meals in your fridge freezer compartment. These will still be 0.K after 5 or 6 hour outage.
10. Purchase a two plate gas powered counter mounted gas stove, and 9kG gas bottle for cooking and boiling water. When transporting a gas bottle in your car, use the safety strap to secure it into the passenger seat, in the vertical position.
11. Keep refrigerator doors closed. A 4, or 5 hour outage should not cause foodstuffs to spoil. In addition keep freezer blocks to assist in keeping the fridge temperature down.
12. Most medication will not spoil in the freezer if kept in the freezer compartment. Check with your doctor.
13. Keep your used bath water to replenish flushing of your toilet as necessary.
14. Keep at least 2 or 3 large bottles of drinking water available. Purchase disposable paper plates cups etc. that when used, don't need to be washed up by valuable water.
15. Purchase luminescent stickers, and adhere them onto your torches and solar powered lamps so that you can see them in the dark.
16. DO NOT USE CANDLES. This is a sure fire hazard.
17. Glow sticks are safe and give off some light.
18. Remember facilities such as Monte Casino have standby diesel alternators for powering all their restaurants independent of ESKOM supply.
19. Have a supply of canned foods and crackers if there is no electricity at meal times.