We would like to take this opportunity to remind our residents of the SGM to be held at the NG Family Church in Leonie St at 18:30.

Please note the start time 18:30 – and not at 19:00 as previously advertised.

We would like to stress the importance of attending the SGM.  What is to be decided on at this meeting could affect life in Doringkloof in the coming years.

We are also looking for committed men and women to come forward to serve on the new DNW Committee.  Although we have already received some nominations we still need two of three more residents to take up the reins of those who have done their bit over the last few years and are now standing down.

Unfortunately, if we do not continue with the strong leadership of dedicated men and women who served on the committee in the past, we might see the DNW becoming less effective and thus reducing the overall security of Doringkloof.

DNW Team