Dear Residents,

It is with deep sadness and shock that we all heard about the fatal attack on a woman in our streets early this morning.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family.   At the same time, anyone who wishes to make a contribution  towards the funeral may do so by contacting Elmarie at 082 789 5637 or to place your donation into a suitably marked envelope and hand this in at the New Fatima Café.



This is the second attack within a few weeks on a pedestrian during the early hours of the morning.  Furthermore, on Monday morning it was reported by five domestic workers that they observed three men “sleeping” near the Sonja Street Bridge on their way from the taxi rank to their place of work, a most unlikely place to be sleeping.  They were convinced that if they were alone they would have become victims of an attack.   It is also possible that residents going on an early morning fitness run or walk could also be mugged.

To prevent further muggings there are many options available to us that we as residents can take:

  1. For a start, advise your domestic worker to attempt to move into Doringkloof in groups of more than three from the taxi rank to their place of work.
  2. Perhaps ask your domestic worker to phone you and arrange to fetch them from the taxi rank in Botha Ave or at the mall if they cannot walk in a group.
  3. Another option is to allow your domestic worker to come in later, when it is light and safer on our streets.
  4. If you are an early morning runner or even walker, take your radio with you and perhaps a can of pepper spray. Be aware of what is going on around you as you move along, looking out for persons hanging round or walking towards you.  Call on the radio if you need to!

These are all things we as individuals can do to prevent further muggings.



We can, however, take  some more positive action.  This is to increase our presence on the streets of Doringkloof during the critical hours of 04:00 to 06:00.    A DNW-marked vehicle is in itself a deterrent to crime and could just save a life.

And this means patrolling!!

We need volunteers, as many as possible and possibly for more than just a month.  The more we have the better – and then there is less chance that an individual will have to patrol more than once a week.   At the same time we cannot rely on the security companies to do the job for us.

We as a neighbourhood watch are responsible for our own safety!

At the moment we have two ladies who are patrolling during the early morning.  We cannot expect them to carry the rest of us – come on – we need more patrollers.

If you are willing to patrol – please hit the reply button to this email now and send us you name and telephone number and we will contact you with more details.